Here are two firsts for me: my first blog post and my first time feeling like I was older than my parents! You guys are in for a treat this week.

So, I was a sixty year old last weekend… I tried CURLING for the first time ever. I think it’s a pretty common thought among younger folk that curling is for older people. But much to my surprise, it was actually a lot of fun!

My boyfriend joined a curling league this year (no he’s not sixty) and his club held a community bonspiel last weekend. He signed us both up, after finally convincing me, along with two other teammates. I was dreading it the entire week and almost backed out a couple of times but Friday night came and I, still reluctantly, showed up at the club. First of all, I had absolutely NO IDEA how to curl and it looked so hard. There is a lot of technique involved in the slide while pushing the rock and the weight of the rock…it’s daunting for a newcomer to say the least. But once the game started and I got into it, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was having fun actually! The game lasted about two hours and although I didn’t have all of the correct technique down yet, I wasn’t awful either and we actually ended up winning the game! Saturday came and I was excited for the game that night. We got there and didn’t start too well but near the end we picked up our socks and made a slight comeback, not enough to win the game but enough so that we didn’t get slaughtered in the points department.

One other thing I was not expecting about the sport was the social aspect. Sure, everyone is there to play the game and win and whatnot but everyone is having a good time socializing and making numerous stopovers to see Sonia at the bar as well. Overall, it was a good weekend of curling and although we didn’t win the championship, I had a blast with my teammates and everyone else in the bonspiel. I will definitely be curling again in the near future, hopefully improving each game I play until I become a master curler!!

bye bye bye,





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