How many of you guys have been to Winterlude before? Anyone visit this winter?

This weekend is the last weekend for it this year. Since I live right down the road from Confederation Park, I’ve been walking by it almost every morning and night for the last few weeks. I must admit it took me a couple of weeks to actually take the time out of my schedule and stop in to take a look around. I’m always glad when I do take the time because it is so cool to see all of the sculptures and just the whole atmosphere of the festivities is nice to be around. There are some pretty creative and impressive sculptures to see there. The weeks before Winterlude are cool as well because this is when you can see people there creating the big masterpieces out of ice. With Canada’s 150th this year the

Rideau Canal – Pedestrian Bridge

whole city has just been buzzing lately, especially this weekend with it being the long weekend. There were a whole bunch of events at this years Winterlude which were held all over the city and surrounding area. Events such as a laser show, concert series, dog sledding, a variety of Canadian entertainers, and of course all sorts of delicious maple creations were lively around the city. My favourite part of the festival is definitely the ice sculptures though, some of the detail in them are amazing to see; it is very impressive. The only way to fully experience Winterlude is to visit yourself and take in all of the excitement in person while enjoying a nice beaver tail on your skate on the canal. If you haven’t been before, it is something you need to do ASAP! And if you haven’t had a beaver tail before…well what the heck are you waiting for?!?

Let me know if you visited for Canada’s big year or if you will be attending any other events later on in the year!

talk to ya later,


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