Furry Friends Galore

I would like to introduce you all to some of my best friends…Beau, Coco, and Finn (aka Bobo, Coke/Coconut, and Finny)

I’ll start with Beau because he’s the oldest. Beau is a 9 year old goldendoodle, he is the most loving old man dog you will ever meet. We’ve had him since he was a puppy and


he has just always been the best. We spent a lot of time together during my high school years as I was the only sibling still at home. This is when we really bonded and became best friends. Even though he is getting ‘old manish’ now and doesn’t move as quickly as he used to, Beau still finds little bursts of energy to try to keep up with the other two dogs the odd time.


Now Coco… she is a 4 year old standard poodle; she is sassy, smart, and most of all just one of the girls. I should mention that I am the youngest of four sisters in my family. Anyway, we got coco when she was ten months old and what a great day it was. Beau had a new (girl)friend, it took them a little while to get used to each other and actually start to play together but once they did they were friends for life. Coco loves to hang out with all of the girls at the table while the boys lay around on the floor, like boys do.

May 2015 came along and brought Finny with it! My mom was very interested in having puppies and we ended up breeding Beau and Coco, there was a large demand for that generation of goldendoodle puppies, and thus came Finn! Finn is a fun loving, crazy, rebel teenager and he lets everyone know it. He thinks he’s cool with his man bun and long hair everywhere, but his bark still needs some work. Finn does funny


things like you know how dogs do that thing where they tilt their head to the side? He does that ALL THE TIME, even when you just talk to him regularly. It’s pretty cute. He also got some of his mother’s smarts and sass, which makes him a little bit of a pain sometimes as well, but really what puppy isn’t sometimes?

These three dogs make my family complete and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is always so much fun going home and visiting them (I don’t get to see them all the time because I’m in Ottawa now). Finn has come for a couple of vacations to stay with me in Ottawa and we both loved it!! He always has a great time playing with all of my roommates and making other dog friends at the park near my house as well! All in all I love these dogs and I wish everyone reading this could actually meet them because they bring so much happiness with them everywhere they go!

fullsizerender3                      untitled2

Coco and Beau Christmas morning #typical                Like father, like son – Finn and Beau

I have to tell you about Jack as well…he is our wonderful, cranky, very old cat. We took Jack in probably ten years ago now, he was stray who hung around our old house and loved coming in and visiting with everyone (especially when we fed him). When we moved into our new house, we took Jack with us because he already was part of our family by that time. He loved his new home so much, there were all sorts of new small animals for him to hunt and play with, and even a next door neighbour cat (who he didn’t always get along with). Jack is a BIG hunter, you could hear him coming from a mile away when he caught his pray. He meows like there’s no tomorrow and it sounds like his mouth is full (which is it), it is very distinct; we could always tell when he got a prize. He would bring it right to the front door to show it off to everyone as well. This was always a nice surprise for whoever found  it first. No one is sure exactly how old Jack is because he was a stray, we took him to the vet and they couldn’t give us an exact answer either. But nowadays he is, like I said, a cranky old man-cat whose hunting days are long over; he now fills his days with sleep and sometimes he takes a break to eat and see what’s going on in the house.


Do any of you have pets? Let me know in the comments below!!

until next time,


4 thoughts on “Furry Friends Galore

  1. I tried the pb balls and they were awesome! Your animals are sooooo cute! I have a fluffy little furball (cat) who doesn’t get a lot of time with other animals, I bet she’d love hanging out with your crew!

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