Movin’ Out, Movin’ In, Movin’ On


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If you are anything like me, or basically anyone else on this planet, then you already know that moving is awful. You have to lift heavy things, carry them up and down stairs, *sigh* & *exaggerated eyeroll*, unless you hire movers or are the designated delegator, but for the plebs out there like me, you guys know.

I am moving myself for the sixth time since I’ve been in Ottawa (counting actual moving experiences, not just residences). I moved into residence at school when I initially moved to Ottawa, moved out of residence and into a cute little four bedroom triplex. We stayed there for one year and then moved two streets over into a four bedroom house (waayy better). That equals five moves so far and I am now moving out of this house in May, so that brings us to six! I am very excited (and sad) to move this time though, I’m moving in with my boyfriend… [ :O :S 🙂 :/ ] but I’m also leaving my three roommates, two of which I’ve lived with 4 years! So it will be a sad day but also a happy one!

Note: The only boy I’ve ever lived with was my dad (I have three sisters). So, naturally, I scoured the interweb for “tips and tricks” on HOW TO LIVE WITH A BOY (ew). If you’re in the same sitch right now, is where you want to go, she knows.

ANYWAY, read below for some of my own tips and tricks on movin’:

Purge. This should be done leading up to the packing stage. It will help your move go smoother and when you de-clutter your home, it usually de-clutters your life in some ways as well, i.e. stressing about cleaning up, the simpler the better, amiright? Grab some bags and load them up with old clothes, and random things you don’t need/want or won’t have room for in your new place.

Organize & Pack. Whatever you do, do not procrastinate! If you don’t start to pack things ahead of time, the day will finally come and you will be so unorganized and rushed and panicked, literally everything will go wrong. It’s like the universe knows when you’re not prepared and it tries to make everything so much worse just to teach you a lesson. Rain will magically come, snow, traffic, and who knows what else. Just don’t take that chance and have everything organized AT LEAST a day before, even if you have to sleep in your clothes on the floor the night before because everything is all packed up. Just do it.

Have a Team. You will need help or else it will take you FOREVER to move everything. Unless you only have like 10 things to move, then you’re probably fine by yourself. But, if you have lots of stuff, call up some friends/family and bribe them if that’s what it takes. You do not want to get stuck doing this all on your own or even just two people is still bad, especially if you procrastinated and are not organized; then you’re really in for a treat. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING PACKED BEFORE YOUR HELPERS COME OVER. Unless you asked them to come help you pack as well, they 100% are not going to be impressed if they are waiting around for you to pack stuff up or they have to help pack as well. No one wants this, just don’t do it.

Make and Plan and Execute. Create some sort of a system that works for everyone where one person is bringing things downstairs/upstairs and another is bringing that outside and another is putting it into the truck. Or something along those lines; you will need a basic assembly line to get through this horrid day. Maybe you can make up a song to sing while doing it.

Clean. It’s always a good idea to clean everything in your new place before unpacking. The tops of cupboards, baseboards, nooks and crannies, etc. etc. Do this for your own piece of mind, or at least mine. I personally don’t want to move into other people’s dirt and grime. Sometimes if you’re lucky, they will have it professionally cleaned before you move in but again, for piece of mind, just go over the main areas please.

Unpack. Take belongings out of boxes and unpack as you please.

That’s all the tips I can think of for basic moving necessities. Check out this BuzzFeed post for tips on how to pack your stuff super efficiently!


bonne chance!


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