🌴 Destination Wedding: Jamaica 🌴


I just returned from Jamaica mon! I was in Runaway Bay for a week with about 40-something people who all went down for my boyfriend’s brothers wedding! It was so much fun the entire time. We went down on the Saturday, the wedding was on Wednesday, and we came home the next Saturday. I’m not sure I would ever have a destination wedding myself, but they sure are fun to attend! There is A LOT of planning that goes into these weddings and seems somewhat stressful and sort of hard to coordinate at times. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful ceremony out on a gazebo overlooking the ocean, followed by a great dinner and reception by the beach with music and dancing into the night. Everyone in the wedding looked amazing despite the crazy winds that day and the fun continued for the rest of the week after as well. It was a good time all around!

I had been to Jamaica twice before this trip, and it is definitely my favourite vacation spot I’ve been to so far. Cuba was always just a step below everywhere else and the Dominican Republic just didn’t seem as friendly and inviting as Jamaica.


Where are your favourite Caribbean/warm vacation spots?!


Check out some pictures from the trip below! ⬇️




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