DIY: Hockey Stick Coasters

As I was scouring Pinterest one night a few weeks ago, I came across something kind of cool… It was a set of BBQ utensils with the handles made of out old hockey sticks. And I instantly thought – this is would a perfect birthday present for my boyfriend. He loves hockey and everything to do with hockey so I figured this would be a fun thing for me to make and a great gift for him! So, I started looking up different ways to repurpose old hockey sticks, just trying to decide on something to make. The BBQ utensil set was going to be the one for a while but I thought I could find something ‘better’ or ‘cooler’. I went back on Pinterest and picked out a few more potential ideas before making the last minute decision on making coasters this weekend.

Initially I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise but, first of all, finding an old/broken stick proved to be difficult in itself. I ended up asking him if he “had any I could do a craft with”, turned out he had about four at his place. So, I had to eventually tell him about it when we started, which was slightly disappointing, but I realized needed his help to cut all of the pieces so there was really no way around it. I tried to not tell him exactly what the plan was when we first started but he kind of needed to know in order to get the layout and measurements for all of the pieces exact.

So, we started with cutting the hockey stick. I measured out 3 ¾ “ all the way down the stick, and we got 13 pieces out it. I planned to make them 3 hockey stick pieces wide so there were enough for 4 coasters.

After the pieces were all cut, we sanded them down with a portable belt sander to make them all exactly the same length and with smooth edges.

Phil started on the border and he cut the piece of wood into 16 ¾ inch square pieces. If you don’t have any experience using a saw, I would strongly suggest you get some help from someone who does.

I then started to glue three pieces of hockey sticks together with a hot glue gun to start putting each coaster together. Just before these were dry we started putting each frame/boarder together. I put a drop of hot glue to stick it together initially and then Phil nailed it in each corner as well to ensure everything would stay put.


So, once three sides of the frames were put together, we put the stick pieces in the middle and glued and nailed the last side of the frame on.

The last step is to sand all of the frames to your liking and either leave them with the natural finish (like mine) or coat them in whatever colour of finish you like!

I haven’t sanded mine fully yet and may end up putting some kind of white wash or something on the wood but I haven’t decided yet. They will be a great addition to our new condo!

This is the final product for now!


As always, let me know if you try it out for yourself!!

Anything else you have made out of old/broken hockey sticks?!

Share in the comments! 🙂



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